Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breath Deep

The warmth of your breath touching my skin
The willingness in your eyes
Touching me deep within
Deep within the lust that wants to explode
Explode from the rush as I carry you up against the wall
Kissing you, stroking your hair
Your arms around my head pulling me closer into you
As if my lips are the only thing that won't let you fall 

Each kiss we treat as an eternity
Heavy sighs as each article of clothing is removed
Your legs wrapped around my waist
Your ankles on the small of my back
My lips on your breasts
Your breasts wet from sweat
Sweat falling down my back
Your pussy touching my stomach
waiting for company
Waiting to let me in
Wanting to let me in
Begging for me to come in
My penis teasing
Your eyes screaming
Louder than your words
Your words say fuck me
Your eyes say love me
As I let myself in
You cry
With joy
With pleasure
Each thrust followed with more intensity
Each scream followed with more wanting
More Loving
No stopping

Abraham Esparza 6-19-06

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