Friday, January 28, 2011

NHL All Star Selection Draft

I know there aren't many hockey fans unfortunately here in the U.S. It's a fun game to watch on television. Especially now that there's HDTV.  It feels like you're there. With any sport trying to bring in new interest to its league. They try to mix things up. That's what they're doing with this year's All Star game. Usually the All Star game is one conference versus the other. Then it became US players versus the World.  In baseball it's American League against National. Football it's AFC and  NFC.  And you vote for your favorite player to participate. This year the NHL tried things a different way.  Yes you can still vote for a player. But instead of a one conference against another. Now there's team captains for each team. And just like when we were kids playing kickball. Each captain picks a player for his team. I like this. It makes it fun for the viewers to watch the selection. Who get's picked first or last? Why one captain will pass on his own teammate for another team's player. Will this catch on with the other sports. Probably not. But I sure hope it does.

Abraham Esparza

Song of the day - Marion Raven Set Me Free

From the album  Set Me Free

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Singer of the Day - Tina Arena

Ashley Judd - Today's Woman of whom I would never be tired

For years I have admired this lady. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Keith Olbermann leaves MSNBC

Keith Olbermann announced that today will be his last edition of Countdown. Although he didn't say, the Comcast-NBC deal may have played a part. There have been rumors if the deal went through. Keith's show will be the first to go. Not because of ratings as Countdown was the highest rated show on MSNBC. But because the people in charge at Comcast are conservative. I am saddened that for the time being we lose a voice that calls our politicians out. I'm sure he'll come back somewhere in some form. And I'll gladly watch.

Abe's Words TV Show of the Week - Modern Family

Pearl Jam Festival Weekend, Reissues and Documentary - Too much with too little

So Pearl Jam's manager Kelly Curtis hinted last month of a possible Pearl Jam party weekend sometime this summer. Somewhere in the middle of the country. I of course like many Pearl Jam fans. Got super excited.  But now if this thing goes through. Will I be able to go? I've tried to go to at least one Pearl Jam show since I started going in 2000.  I've been a fan since 1991.  I've never been to a festival. So that's something I'm looking forward to. But again will I have the money to go. You bet as soon as I heard the news I started saving my pennies. But as many Pearl Jam fans know. 2011 will be a great year to be one of us.  Along with a possible Pearl Jam party weekend. There will be reissues of their 2nd and 3rd albums Vs and Vitalogy. Which will include bonus tracks and live shows. As they did in 2009 with their debut album Ten. Plus a Cameron Crowe directed documentary of the band's 20 year career. Plus an accompanying book. All this and I'm still out of work. But I will try. I haven't gotten any acting opportunities. None of my applications have gotten me anywhere. I've been good at saving in the past. So I'm on my way. But will I make it. Or possibly hope they webcast it. Which is the second best thing to going. Well I'll let you know in the next few months. If I get to share the experience with my fellow fans of this great American rock band.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Abe's Television Beauties of the 2010-2011 Season

Better With You:
Joanna Garcia

Jennifer Finnigan

Body of Proof:
Dana Delany

Stana Katic

Ed Hardy

Cougar Town:
Courtney Cox

Christa Miller

Desperate Housewives:
Teri Hatcher

Vanessa Williams

Classic Dispenser with Personalized M&M'S

Detroit 187:
Erin Cummings

Grey's Anatomy:
Chyler Leigh

Happy Endings:
Elisha Cuthbert

Modern Family:
Julie Bowen

Sofia Vergara

Morena Baccarin

Elizabeth Mitchell

Laura Vandervoort

Classic Dispenser with Personalized M&M'S

Private Practice: Kate Walsh

No Ordinary Family:
Julie Benz

Autumn Reeser

The Big Bang Theory:
Kaley Cuoco

Blue Bloods:
Bridget Moynahan

How I Met Your Mother:
Cobie Smulders

The Mentalist:
Amanda Righetti

Rules of Engagement:
Bianca Kajlich

The Cape:
Jennifer Ferrin

Ed Hardy

Yvonne Strahovski
Sarah Lancaster

Gillian Jacobs

Alison Brie

Perfect Couples:
Christine Woods

Olivia Munn

Human Target:
Janet Montgomery

Breaking In:
Odette Yustman

Dianna Agron

The Vampire Diaries:
Nina Dobrev

Katerina Graham

Candice Accola

Shenae Grimes

Jessica Stroup

Lori Loughlin

Jessica Lowndes

Gossip Girls:
Blake Lively

Leighton Meester

Kelly Rutherford

Ashley Tisdale

Heather Hemmen

Gail O'Grady

Lyndsy Fonseca

Melinda Clarke

Maggie Q

Erica Durance

White Collar
Tiffani Thiessen

Fairly Legal
Sarah Shahi