Monday, January 3, 2011

Story of trust - My He-Man Story

I didn't have much as a kid. A few toys here and there. But rarely had anything to show to classmates at school. The first time and probably the only time was in the second grade. When I had a He-Man action figure. I got my father to buy it for me. And I couldn't wait to bring it school to show it off.  I did and was cool for that moment. Showing it to my male classmates at the playground. Then came one of my first big decisions of my life. Two brothers who were twins asked if they could borrow He-Man. And that they'll bring it back the next day. Now I just had it for maybe a week. I don't remember too much. But I know it wasn't long. So now I'm thinking to myself "No! You'll probably get transfered to another school and I'll never see it again." But me being the nice kid. And was known for sharing. I gave in. And trusted them to bring it back the next school day. So I come to school the following day not really knowing if they remembered to bring it in that day. I had a funny feeling something would go wrong.  I get to class and I see the brothers standing in front of the class with the teacher. I believe their parent was there also. But don't remember that to be certain. Now I'm thinking this doesn't look good. And much to my dismay. They announce that they would be transferring to another school. I was fucking pissed. I tried to bring it up. But couldn't as they looked sad they would be going to another school.  This led to my He-Man Rule. Whenever anyone asked to borrow something of mine. I would think back to that day when I predicted what would happen if I didn't trust my gut instinct. Although I hardly use it as I rarely have anything anyone wants to borrow.

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