Friday, January 28, 2011

NHL All Star Selection Draft

I know there aren't many hockey fans unfortunately here in the U.S. It's a fun game to watch on television. Especially now that there's HDTV.  It feels like you're there. With any sport trying to bring in new interest to its league. They try to mix things up. That's what they're doing with this year's All Star game. Usually the All Star game is one conference versus the other. Then it became US players versus the World.  In baseball it's American League against National. Football it's AFC and  NFC.  And you vote for your favorite player to participate. This year the NHL tried things a different way.  Yes you can still vote for a player. But instead of a one conference against another. Now there's team captains for each team. And just like when we were kids playing kickball. Each captain picks a player for his team. I like this. It makes it fun for the viewers to watch the selection. Who get's picked first or last? Why one captain will pass on his own teammate for another team's player. Will this catch on with the other sports. Probably not. But I sure hope it does.

Abraham Esparza

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