Thursday, February 3, 2011

Andy Pettitte Retires

So after months of waiting. Andy Pettitte has decided to leave the game of baseball. The longer he took to announce his decision on whether to come back for another year. It was becoming clear retirement was the likeliest choice. Still most of us fans were holding out hope that he would return. Especially after the Yankees missed out on Cliff Lee. The only big name free agent this off season. At 38 years of age you would think he had 3 more playing years left in him. With 240 wins he's still a borderline Hall of Famer. On a good team like the Yankees those extra 3 years maybe give him 40-45 more wins. Combine that with his 5 championships and high winning percentage. He would be a sure Hall of Fame player. But whatever you think of him as a player there is no denying he was a big game clutch performer.  Here's hoping he gets tired of his family and comes back in the middle of the season. 

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