Friday, July 1, 2011

NBA and NFL Lockouts - Can the NHL benefit?

As of now both the National Basketball Association and National Football League are going to have lockouts this upcoming season. As a sports fan this will suck.  But like when you favorite television show gets cancelled. You get over it.  There is one major sport played around the time the NBA and NFL are in season. And that is the National Hockey League (NHL). If both the NBA and NFL are still locked out will the NHL benefit? Will their viewership rise? I can only hope as hockey sometimes does not get the love as the other major sports. Even though it will be interesting to find out. I really hope the owners and players of the NBA and NFL resolve their issues in time.

Abraham Esparza

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  1. Looking back, I was prepared for the worst with the NBA and NFL. But I am glad that their respective labor disputes did not end their season.