Saturday, April 14, 2012

Abe's Top Pearl Jam Studio Albums

Or as some might call this. Pearl Jam's discography

Ten (1991)


Remember watching the Unplugged version of "Alive" and was "Who is this band? And what a great voice on that singer.

Vs (1993)


Proving their debut album was not a fluke

Vitalogy (1994)


Still couldn't find a better band.

No Code (1996)

No Code

Pretty much sealed the deal for me as my top band

Yield (1998)


Came out with a cool video for "Do the Evolution" and produced "In Hiding"

Binaural (2000)


Tried to downplay the success of "Last Kiss" by releasing "Nothing As It Seems" as the albums first single. Didn't work, album still rocked.

Riot Act (2002)

Riot Act

I think you get the idea.

Pearl Jam (2006)

Pearl Jam

Also known as Avocado

Backspacer (2009)


On their 18th year still producing hits

Lightning Bolt (2013)

Honorable Mentions


In the time when I had no internet it was a nice surprise finding this while browsing the P section of the record store.

Lost Dogs

Who could be "Sad" about this collection of B-Sides and rarities?

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