Monday, November 5, 2012

Abe's Words Endorses Barack Obama for President

Barack Obama has accomplished so much with so much opposition. Even before he took office the republicans vowed to not help him in his presidency. Thinking of politics before country. He kept this country from going into a depression. He is not without his faults. Yes the economy isn't great. But if people could buy $800 IPads every year. It can't be that bad. No, but seriously we can't expect a bad economy started by the previous President Bush to just be great so quickly. There were still wars going on that needed to be ended. Tax cuts for rich people that had to end. Wealthy people and corporations not paying taxes or their fair share. We now have national health care. Although not perfect and not the kind most wanted. It is still a start. Don't ask, Don't tell was repealed under his presidency. College loans have been forgiven. Here are other accomplishments
Then their are other issues that need to be worried about. Such as woman's right to choose is being threatened more and more. Equal pay for women is still not resolved. Not letting gays marry. Asking people for IDs or documentation who don't look "American" seems Un-American. If the right-wing media gets their wish. These problems will either stay the same or get worse. 


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