Monday, December 25, 2017

Abe's Words Poem / Lyric Series - Untitled 1999

Take a look at the way I smile
Like the way I know your laugh
Are you as serious as me?
Do you wanna make it last?

Every time you say you want to stay
But when I go to kiss you
You look away
How can I trust your love when you're in my arms?
When I feel this moment won't get us far?

I hear the words
But you don't feel the same
All these years I spent with you
Are thrown away

Don't know now
What you've done with your life?
It's been three years since that final night
But I know I'll still be there for you
Until my final fight
For I know it was me who never did you right.

Abraham Esparza
Oct 16, 1999

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