Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Top Ten Criminally Underviewed Pearl Jam Videos on Youtube

Pearl Jam Save You 2,143,073 as of this post

This music video from the severely underrated Riot Act is censored as you don't hear the F word that is on the album. It nonetheless still rocks. And deserves more views.

Love Boat Captain 2,915,283

Another off of Riot Act that needs love

Life Wasted 724,092

From Pearl Jam's self-titled album, Life Wasted is a great opening song. The video directed by Fernando Apodaca. Very experimental. Also another banger. A big reason this video so little views is that it was blocked for a number of years. It became available again in 2018 but has only garnered around 300k views since then.

Unthought Known 1,030,178

From Backspacer. Directed Bernard Shakey (Neil Young_

Mind Your Manners 3,741,498

Great first single off Lightning Bolt. Fans were excited. But didn't watched the video as much as you would think.

Thumbing My Way 870,763

Other than I Am Mine. The rest of the videos from Riot Act have yet to break out. 

The Fixer 5,084,048

Given that there was a commercial with this song featured. You would think 10 million easy. But after 12 years it just passed 5 million views. 

World Wide Suicide 3,029,952

World Wide Suicide was the first track from the Pearl Jam (Avocado) album. A new start after leaving Sony.

Now you may be asking. "What do you mean 80 and 133 million are not a lot of views?" Well since Smells Like Teen Spirit has over a billion views. I would say it's not enough.

Alive 80,731,689

Jeremy 133,600,929

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