Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Julia Voth - Hottest Woman You May Not Know 11-09-10

Julia Voth

Saw her in a movie called Bitch Slap. Where she played the character Trixie. And I won't stop looking.


  1. get a load of Julia's Halloween costume @ link

  2. Julia voth Needs to have her star rise above her,but right now she's just promoting her self right now and only doing short movie work she needs to get her big break or she disappear for good. To describe julia voth she's model of jill valentine in the resident evil remake game and did bitch slap porn movie witch bearly got off the ground and spent two years promoting the movie, she's a low profile actress and struggling at best at z grade her social life is full of adultry and partying armature unless she doesn't become a drug addict or fully fleched ancholic.